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I came across this yesterday and thought, why not?!
So here’s day 1. Yourself.


I think I prefer the sketch, which means more practicing with getting some colour into my sketches!


I think this is now my favourite, below…



I did this illustration this morning by hand and then coloured it in Photoshop. I quite like it but I’m not 100% sure about it. I find it difficult to finish pieces and have ideas as I’m going along. I really feel like this is one thing that my work is lacking since leaving uni, the ideas and input of other people (not even tutors necessarily). So if you would like to comment please do and maybe my next one will be a little better. I am determined to improve, so today I’m drawing all day, so will probably post something else later.

Ps. I chose Amy Winehouse because I’ve been a fan since I was in school and was completely gutted about her death. She had such an iconic look and I’ve wanted to draw her for years.



I’ve made all the changes that people have suggested to me. So this is now the final version. Tomorrow I’m moving on to do a 30-day drawing challenge.

Click for my Tumblr. I like this a separate blogging tool because it’s so quick, and I can browse through lots of crazy images from the people I follow everyday. This is what I posted in February. is up and running! Go a have a little look…

This is kind of* what it looks like in my ridiculous leopard print browser window.



TYC is a new project to showcase creative people under 25. It is run as a WordPress blog which is nice and accessible. This is a feature about me which can be seen here (notice the ‘recent’ photo!).

It’s really great to see work from people my age. These are Anna and Emma‘s blogs, friends from uni who are also on TYC.

If you fit the criteria and would like to be featured go here!

I’m no film reviewer but I’ve seen a few recently which have surprised me so I though I’d write about them.

Exit Through the Gift Shop, a Banksy Film. My only preconception of this was that it was going to be about Banksy. This was one of the main reasons that I didn’t get around to watching it sooner. Not because I don’t like Banksy, I just think there are more interesting street artists. This film proves that in a good way. It’s not just about Banksy, it is a cleverly put together and a film which I will definitely watch again.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. This film is dark in many ways, but it’s one that is so creepy that it has stuck with me. The ending was bizarre however, there is no other way to describe it. I’m not sure it worked either, even in a bizarre way. The final scene is more in-keeping with the tone and recovers it.

One film which has done really well at the Golden Globes (if you care about anything other than Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue) is ‘The Social Network’ I was not hooked at all from the start, maybe it wasn’t sensational enough for me! Or maybe the story has been in the papers enough that a film seems a bit much and didn’t really add any new perspective to the narrative. If you don’t know the story it’s a great way to see it.

[I will almost certainly never write about films again. Lucky you]

Our new kitty! Taken with a borrowed Canon DSLR, unedited. Megatron is a Blue Mitted Tortie Point Ragdoll, and 4 months old. She mostly likes to play with receipts.

Snow, ice, Christmas songs and mulled wine… it’s December! And what a year it was. Probably my least creative ever year but I am aiming to change that. New Years Resolution?! I did this owl today, just to practice my digital colouring. It’s such a strange process, but I think it’s something that I get good results with.

I have really gotten into the Christmas spirit this year (much earlier than usual) maybe a little festive colouring should be next, but for now this is an owl. There’s no particular reason for this image, I think I might be subconsciously desperate to see the new Harry Potter film!

She took me approximately two hours in Photoshop CS3.



I have rediscovered reading. Having watched every series of anything I’m even vaguely interested in and got bored, I have started reading again. Firstly ‘The Time Travelers’ Wife’, which was leant to me by a colleague. It is fantastic and has completely absorbed me, I  And secondly ‘The Tattoo Chronicles’, Kat Von D’s new book, which landed on my doormat on release day in true Amazon style. Flicking through the pictures, at first I thought this was going to be her recounting the stories of her clients, but actually there is a lot more to it. It seems, from my perspective at least, that she has more freedom to say how she feels away from the script of the tv series. Plus the book looks lovely.

Tomorrow I am am going to try very hard to do something creative after all this literary inspiration.



Nice and simple, the same as my blog but with all my work on it! Check it out here. It has lots of original sketches on there too, most of which have been butchered somewhat by my scanner.

I have also started using a new iphone app called ‘Instamatic’ its kind of like a cross between Twitter and Tumblr. I have a link to the photos I take on there at the bottom of this page. Although I really like the cute filters, the difference in quality between a digitally applied filter to a digital photo is no match for Diana and her old school film mates.