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Let me know what you think please, it’s unfinished, any suggestions welcome. I will finish when I get time! Click the pic for full size.


I seem to be finding a lot of these recently, really nice posters for gigs/ films etc. I think they’re much nicer than regular photo-based ones.

This one for the Mars Volta is by Micheal Motorcycle (awesome name). Hand painted and really intricate.

The one above is by Jay Ryan of ‘The Bird Machine’. The bird Machine is a small American company who design and screen print gig posters. They look pretty cool, pretty much everything is designed by hand and printed in shop, usually with about 200/300 prints per design. They obviously get told that they are brilliant a lot though, their questions section is quite funny, clearly aimed at their (often student) fans. Check that and lots of their other posters out here.

The poster above was designed by Matthew Woodson his online portfolio is really nice, I like his use of a few muted colours. Real simple but effective designs. All these posters have beautifully hand-rendered legible typography. I think bands should use these instead to advertise, much  ore fun! Maybe I should do one for Spinnerette…

Just a quick one…

Random awesomness from Greg Simkins, aka, Craola.This was a live exhibition- exciting!

He includes an incredible amount of detail in his work, it must have been really good to see an artist like that at work. I found the pictures here.