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I have just finished a 3 month internship. Having finished uni well over a year ago unconvinced that design was really for me, I really wasn’t sure whether I’d see it through. However, it was fantastic, and I’m being kept on! For the next issue at least.

Working in a creative environment has really brought me back to where I need to be, in my head, to be creative. Not only have my design skills and creativity come back tenfold but also my confidence. Being trusted and completing something as all-consuming as a magazine redesign has been a huge learning curve. Stressful at times but always enjoyable, I’ve learned a lot about a lot of things! I believe that this is owed to the fact that I did this in a very small publishers and worked with some great people. I would now recommend it to anyone doing any design related course, it really gives you a feel for what it would actually be like to this for a living, both the good points and the bad. There is a huge amount of debate as to whether internships are ethical etc, my advice would be only, look for one that fits you.

My favourite bit of the design is the navigation, which works like a colourful phone book with a side bar for each of the areas featured.You can see it below.

It was a scary few days waiting to see the mag once it had gone to print but it was well worth the wait when it arrived! Backpax also has a new website for its new look.

Inspired Times has also gone to print so I’ll post some photos of that too when I get it!


New Year, new paths, new me, etc, etc, etc…

Myself and Disco went to the opening night of the Jamaica Street Artists’ exhibition, Inside-Out. It was buzzing, there were so many people at the RWA on Friday night that it was difficult to actually see the artwork, but a great atmosphere to soak up. When we did manage to maneuver our way around the hoards of people drinking wine from plastic cups the work was fantastic. There was a great range in the fine art room, from photo-realism to skulls made of string and cardboard sculpture. There was also a separate room for animation and illustration which contained some lovely bigger pieces. It felt like a very classy exhibition, the standard was really high and the space at the Royal West of England is really something. I have previously visited it to see an exhibition called Crimes of Passion, which was also exceptionally good.

Anyway, it felt really good to start the New Year with something positive, fun and creative. Now I shall return to all the spring cleaning.

The Jamaica Street Artists’ Photostream on Flickr seems to be the best place on the web to see the work, but I would recommend seeing it in the flesh. The exhibition is on until the 8th of February.

I’d say this post is fairly self-explanatory. I’ve started experimenting more¬†successfully with crossing over the frames, in the photo above the lovely Llio (in the black dress) appears three times.

All taken using my Diana+ mini ūüôā

I bought a Diana+ mini the other week. It’s cute, colourful and tiny. It took me at least an hour to load the first film (with the aid of a excellent youtube video) before finding out thats it’s¬†‘Definitely¬†not a¬†beginners¬†camera’. Oh well, if it was easy it wouldn’t be so much fun, right?!

These are some of the photos. Next time I promise I will pay more attention to a) The focus length, and b) the shutter setting. I’m so used to digital point and press I was quite lazy! Rum does not act as an aid to the photography process either.

All these photos are half frame.

I may or may not have taken an unused film to the printing studio to be processed. Oh dear.

The Corey Helford Gallery comes to the UK and the Bristol Museum outdoes itself again! I meant to write about it much sooner (the exhibition finished yesterday) but better late than never I suppose. This was at the same gallery which held the infamous Banksy exhibition last year. The Corey Helford Gallery in California is one of the many galleries in America I’d really love to visit, so I was very excited when I heard it had come to the UK, especially right to my front door.

Unfortunately I didn’t know about the opening night which was¬†apparently¬†spectacular, with all the artists present (including some of my absolute faves like Natalia Fabia) and a Dita Von Teese show. I’m still kicking myself for missing it! When I did manage to get to it the gallery was pretty quiet in contrast to the last time I visited to see ‘The Bristol Museum V Banksy’, making it much easier to really get a close look at the work. The majority of the pieces were painted, often quite classically but with some unusual subjects. I was really pleased to see that there were some digitally painted pieces, as I haven’t seen this before, they were printed large and beautifully finished.

These are a few of my personal favourites.

Mercedes Helnwein

Aj Fosik

Overall, it was a really great experience for me to see some of the work in the flesh which I have read about and seen reproductions of on the internet and in magazines. Fingers crossed the next exhibition here will be as good!

Thanks to Laura who told me about the exhibition.

Oh! I almost forgot!  РThe octopus/pearl chandelier I blogged about a few months ago was here, it was possibly the most exciting thing for me at the whole exhibition!