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I have just finished a 3 month internship. Having finished uni well over a year ago unconvinced that design was really for me, I really wasn’t sure whether I’d see it through. However, it was fantastic, and I’m being kept on! For the next issue at least.

Working in a creative environment has really brought me back to where I need to be, in my head, to be creative. Not only have my design skills and creativity come back tenfold but also my confidence. Being trusted and completing something as all-consuming as a magazine redesign has been a huge learning curve. Stressful at times but always enjoyable, I’ve learned a lot about a lot of things! I believe that this is owed to the fact that I did this in a very small publishers and worked with some great people. I would now recommend it to anyone doing any design related course, it really gives you a feel for what it would actually be like to this for a living, both the good points and the bad. There is a huge amount of debate as to whether internships are ethical etc, my advice would be only, look for one that fits you.

My favourite bit of the design is the navigation, which works like a colourful phone book with a side bar for each of the areas featured.You can see it below.

It was a scary few days waiting to see the mag once it had gone to print but it was well worth the wait when it arrived! Backpax also has a new website for its new look.

Inspired Times has also gone to print so I’ll post some photos of that too when I get it!


In May last year I posted this ‘…who said that we need to be strong…’ about an artist called Milk whose main page was on Myspace- I would like to say that finally, 11 months later, Juxtapoz (my favourite art and culture magazine) have finally caught up, and last month published an article titled, ‘Exploring heartache with Milk’ which can be seen here.

While I’m on the retrospect, I also blogged some time ago about some Nike sandals which I had never seen. Yesterday I saw them in the flesh, attached to someones feet (the silver version). The views I expressed, here, remain mostly unchanged. I think they worked – It’s good to be different.

I also came across this whilst on the Juxtapoz website this morning, it’s from an art installation by Scion at the L.A. Gallery. There are eight spaces/rooms in the exhibit, each designed by a different artist. I want this candelabra encorporating pearls, tentacles and, er, pink. It’s a shame I can’t just pop round…not this time anyway. Read all about it here.

Having just looked back at my previous posts and coming across one about being twenty-two, I feel I should now have one about being twenty-three. Not much has changed. I still work in the Atheneaum, and I am still looking for other work, preferably in Bristol. I have started looking into becoming a visual merchandiser, (or similar) it looks like fun- making things look attractive. Anyway, my Saturday night is going to be dedicated to applying to a million jobs. I’m done with being static… Move!!

(well soon anyway)