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I was determined to do something creative today, and here it is. It could make a nice wrapping paper for Mothers’ Day.

I drew it in pen and ink in my Moleskine which I am mostly not brave enough to use, it being rather nice and all!


This will be my first blog since goodness knows when! I’ve managed to get myself stuck in a rut of creative inactivity, through moving 3 three times in 6 months and other factors. As always I’ve not been far from drawing and pretty things. This pic is from a while ago when I was sitting at home looking for something to draw. It is one of Kat Von D’s hands, taken from her book (that a good friend bought me). It’s not a particularly good photo ’cause it’s from my webcam.

This evening I have been mostly watching ‘LA Ink’ season 4. All the drama in this season makes it quite trashy and amazingly awesome. I’ve stumbled across hundreds of cool tattoo photos on the web but these are two of my recent favourites…

I did some drawing today and it felt really good… more tomorrow.

I am a user ‘stumbleupon’ but try to only post the really good stuff here! This has definitely made it, it’s a really satisfying feeling, and makes me think of laddered tights, go visit here and see for yourself.

This was my creation.

Doodles from sketches. Lyrics from Gallows… the gig was amazing, i love them more now, if thats possible. The birds have no relevance, I’ve just been drawing a lot of animals easily and they sit nicely with the banners i think…

School related creativity…

typography < handwriting

click the image if you want to go there.