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I love magazines. Glossy ones especially, occasionally I do enjoy a quick peek at a celebrity trash mag but generally the glossier the better.

I stumbled across Hi-Fructose Magazine this week, it’s a contemporary art magazine much in the same vein as Juxtapoz, although it is a quarterly – so possibly more glossy. They have an evolution of James Jean special which looks fantastic (and also completely sold out). The inside of the magazine is beautifully designed too. Again an American magazine, it used to be sold in Borders. If anyone can suggest where I might find one in Bristol I’d be very grateful as it features a lot of my favourite artists and many who were at the ‘Art from the New World’ exhibition.

Candy Magazine is a free online magazine by an independent collective. It has a wide variety of styles which is really nice and all the back copies are also available on their website, also for free.

For glossy fashion mags, POP and iD reign supreme in my opinion, although LOVE is also, erm, lovely (aside from an irritating website). The perfection of airbrushed photoshoots and bright colours win me over every time, the content is lower down on the priority list.

Now if only someone could combine these styles of flawless beautiful colour, brand new artists with inspiring editorial we would have a magazine to rule them all!


I’d say this post is fairly self-explanatory. I’ve started experimenting more successfully with crossing over the frames, in the photo above the lovely Llio (in the black dress) appears three times.

All taken using my Diana+ mini 🙂

In May last year I posted this ‘…who said that we need to be strong…’ about an artist called Milk whose main page was on Myspace- I would like to say that finally, 11 months later, Juxtapoz (my favourite art and culture magazine) have finally caught up, and last month published an article titled, ‘Exploring heartache with Milk’ which can be seen here.

While I’m on the retrospect, I also blogged some time ago about some Nike sandals which I had never seen. Yesterday I saw them in the flesh, attached to someones feet (the silver version). The views I expressed, here, remain mostly unchanged. I think they worked – It’s good to be different.

I also came across this whilst on the Juxtapoz website this morning, it’s from an art installation by Scion at the L.A. Gallery. There are eight spaces/rooms in the exhibit, each designed by a different artist. I want this candelabra encorporating pearls, tentacles and, er, pink. It’s a shame I can’t just pop round…not this time anyway. Read all about it here.

Rabbits’ Fashion Week held in Japan (found here). I like cute things and I like fashion, the two together is a winning combination. I don’t have much to say about them but they make me very happy, especially cute animals dressed as other cute animals. These cats were featured in Vice ages ago and were also from Japan, I think I would like to go there.


Happy Valentines Day.

Lily Allen launched her new Jewellery line yesterday in  Claridges. I knew this because I follow her on Twitter, and generally think she’s pretty sound. Thinking that there would be some chunky gold chains, nothing very out of the ordinary but made with some nice metals and stones, I thought she could be on to a winner…. However. What she has actually done is relaunched Argos’ 1994 collection. You know those clowns and smiley faces covered in multicoloured jewels? Yep.

I hoped for something along the lines of the Julia Roberts/Natalie Portman scandalous C*nt necklace of 2006, but it wasn’t to be. I have only seen a small selection though, and the target age range was 14-40. Perhaps the rest of the line has been designed for those over 15, finding jewellery that is a bit different but good quality is quite difficult, so I hope so!

I haven’t been able to find many pictures to put up here, there was also a pink flamingo. Click to go to the InStyle article, it’s one of the only positive reviews I’ve found (apart from the ones about her wardrobe malfunction in Claridges).